When you develop your skills, your talent becomes its friend. Maintaining its tradition, Suchitra Academy celebrated its 9th “English Language Week” this month with great enthusiasm and zeal. Undoubtedly, we have talented students in every grade of our school and for the last two weeks, the school was abuzz with recitals, impassioned speeches, poetry recitation, storytelling and declamation. The Finale was held on the 21st of July and was graced by our special guests, Dr. Navnita Lahiri and Ms. Sarala Mahindhara.
Dr. Navnita Lahri holds a Master’s Degree in English and a Doctorate from IIT Roorkee. She has also spent a year as a visiting fellow at the State University of New York in Buffalo. She was heading corporate affairs and business communication at Gyan Research and Analytics Pvt. Ltd. She is an educator by heart and has taught at several prestigious institutions. Ms. Sarala Mahindhara is an MA, MPhil from the Hyderabad Central University. She also embarked upon her Ph.D. under the aegis of the UGC’s Senior Research Fellowship in 1980-81. She is an educator by profession; a voracious reader; an inveterate traveller and a trekker.
Following are our proud winners: