“We create learners who are ‘life-ready’ so that they can apply their knowledge to real-life situations.”
― Sandy Hooda
‘We are learning through projects now because in the future we will work on projects. We do not gather information from books and memorize it but learn practically through projects as this way we retain the information better. Project Based Learning requires more thinking and effort than doing book work. Practical experience is retained more productively than bookish knowledge.’
On Saturday, 20th August 2022, Suchitra Academy conducted Project Based Learning Parent Orientation for Grades IV to VI. The session was conducted by the Vice Principal, Ms. Trisha Chakraborty illuminating the importance of Project based Learning, its procedure and how the students benefit through this study. The session gave an insight on how the skills are developed by showing various projects which children have created in the last few years. When the parents showed concern regarding the subject integration, the concepts and the method of teaching, they were given a real-time task asking them to come up with the solution. Parents came up with the solutions with the help of group discussion, collaboration, critical thinking, creative ideas and their choice of presentation. This was connected to the classroom situation, which gave the audience a clear picture of how Project Based Learning gives space to students to enhance 21st century skills and move towards holistic development.