Learners of Stages 1 to 6 delved deeper into the world of books by celebrating the Annual DEAR Programme, 2022-23, held on 19th January 2023. The event included a book fair and a glimpse into the activities specially designed for the students. The presence of parents inspired the learners. The learners of Stages 1 and 2 dressed up in a costume portraying their favourite character from their chosen fictional or non-fictional story to reiterate the elements of the story. They brought their books to school and shared the story with their classmates. They enjoyed learning about various characters and elements of a story. Our storybook characters came to life to demonstrate the meaning of words and their role in the stories they had chosen. After the parade, students went to classrooms to share their thoughts about their favourite character and the costume in detail with others. This was a great opportunity to discuss the characters. The focus was to understand the character and encourage each other to speak about the character. Learners put themselves into the character’s shoes, providing opportunities for higher-order thinking. It was heart-warming to see our young learners putting so much effort into dressing as their favourite character and reflecting on it.