Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Parents of the new students were welcomed by the Suchitra family on the 18th of March. Disha – an orientation session for the new parents of Grades IV and VII was conducted to familiarize the new parents with the school’s ethos. Our Principal Mrs. Deepa Kapoor addressed the parents to apprise them with our core values – RISE, the guiding principles with a vision to be lifelong learners and leaders.
Our mission to provide whole education with academic excellence is backed by some of our best practices like the no child left behind policy. Project-based learning, experiential and differentiated learning foster 21st-century skills in children. Classroom practices like the DEAR program, QCT, cleaning activity, guest lectures, field trips, presentations, Maker Space, student exchange, Suchitra TV/Radio and competitions at various levels along with sports and various events like the TEDX, MUN, Art exhibitions, etc. add towards nurturing young minds and making them future-ready. While discipline is the norm, children’s safety is of utmost importance and the policies and guidelines are strictly followed. A fruitful year awaits us and together, we can reach new heights.