With this thought-provoking note, students of Grade VIII attended a guest speaker talk on 18th August by Mr K Mani Rao, who addressed the children on Synthetics Sustainability and Biodegradability: A Global Perspective.
With concrete experience in the world of sustainable textiles and fashion, Mr Mani conducted an interactive and eye-opening session for the children, throwing light on the environmental devastations caused by the synthetic textile industries.
Initiating with the history of clothes, the speaker took the children through the various natural and synthetic fibres, leading them to the negative impact of synthetic fibres, which stay on Earth for hundreds of years, without getting degraded. Imagine the piles and piles of fabric which has been accumulated over the past years! It also came as a shock to the students that recycling isn’t a good option either! He directed students to ponder upon the use of natural fibres and sustainable textiles.
Children went back thinking, ‘How can I contribute towards sustainability?’