Grade XII D presented a special assembly on 17th August on the topic Anti-Bullying. They performed a thought provoking play, sang a few songs, and gave an energetic dance performance. The main message for the students was to Stand against the Bully. Bullying is something everyone faces at every stage of their lives. Being a silent spectator is worse than being a bully. Seeking counsel is the best way to cope with bullying. The assembly culminated with the recitation of a very strong poem composed by our English Mentor, Ms Latha Vydianathan.
Strength of a Voice!
I am a voice, you may call me brave.
You may not have noticed me cry
but I have heard them whisper,
I have heard them laugh behind my back.

Today is a different day, cause you will hear my voice.
Loud and clear to tell you do not ever ridicule.
I am the voice of those whom you ridiculed, yet we stood strong not to be befooled.
I am the voice of those who had the courage to face,
I am the voice of those whom you forget and when we leave the world you just are left to regret.

I now, will never let this happen.
I am not a shadow that will disappear because of a blazing sun.
I am a sword that will tear you to pieces.
So beware, mend your ways else you will be nowhere.