Grade XI was introduced to the various non-traditional careers via a webinar hosted by the Univariety platform on 17th August, 2021. The resource person, Mr Rama Krishna Boddu, who is an expert in the field of career counselling and planning, Psychometric Testing and 21st Century Skills, has conducted more than 100 workshops, gave an insight into various professions which are still unexplored. He says that 85% of the professions to be seen in the next ten years, have not been invented yet.
There were offbeat career choices like a Genetic Counsellor, Marine Biologist, Fashion Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Healthcare Management, Mechatronics, Museum Curators, Forensic Psychology, Sports Journalism, etc to name a few, which caught the attention of the students in the webinar. This session definitely was enriching for students who are yet to make their career choices.