On 17th August the students of Grade IV were briefed on the nuances of eating right through a guest speaker talk by a senior nutritionist, Ms Hana Seham on the topic -‘Stomach full or mindful eating’. Students were introduced to the various food groups, Macro and Micronutrients and the deficiencies related to the lack of nutrients. Ms Hana enlightened everyone to the world of nutrition and their importance. Children learned how food acts as fuel for our body and its functions. She also spoke about different food groups that help us to maintain a balanced diet. She described the mindful eating habits which leads to a better digestion, along with different macro and micronutrients and their functions. At the end of the session, the students had a chance to get their questions related to mindful eating answered. It was an awesome session where the students became acquainted with the significance of food groups and how they can improve their eating habits to have a healthy life.