Prerna – A Day of Spirited Triumphs and Joyous Victories
The eagerly awaited Sports Day on 16th November was a day brimming with excitement, camaraderie and athletic prowess. It brought together the entire Suchitra community with an explosion of energy resonating across the grounds. It was not just a showcase of physical prowess; it was a jubilation of teamwork, determination, and the vibrant spirit of our school.
We were honoured to have Mr. Praveen K Pula, Founder- President of Woxen University, Hyderabad as the Chief Guest.
The festivities kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony, featuring the soaring hoist of the school flag accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the school band. The air charged with anticipation as students, adorned in their house colours, paraded around the field with pride, displaying unity and team spirit. The heart of the day undoubtedly lay in a variety of athletic events that exhibited students’ talent, determination, and sportsmanship.
From drills, testaments to students’ dedication to both individual and team excellence, to the track and field events that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, the day was a dynamic and engaging spectacle, ensuring the audience remained enthralled throughout.

Prerna, celebrated inclusivity and participation. The sense of camaraderie and healthy competition peaked during the house competitions. Represented by unique colours, the four houses engaged in various events, fostering an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and unity.
As the sun began to dip below the horizon, signalling the end of an exhilarating day, the closing ceremony took centre stage. Students, who exhibited both skill and sportsmanship, were
honoured with medals and trophies. Let the echoes of Prerna linger, a testament to our commitment to excellence, unity, and the indomitable spirit of Suchitra.