“Justice and Power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful and , whatever is powerful may be just”
The role of the Judiciary has become extremely important because it sets different guidelines for smooth and legitimate functioning. In this regard we had Ms. Alankritha Bommakanti, an advocate enrolled with the Bar Council of Telangana as a guest speaker on Wednesday 15th December, 2021 to help us understand the role Judiciary plays in the smooth functioning of our country. Miss Bhommakanti has received her LLB degree from Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad and has worked as a Financial Analyst in Wells Fargo India Pvt.Ltd. At present she is also a part time writer for Lex Insider, a non profit legal journalism in India.She enlightened Grade VIII students about the various aspects of the Judiciary and its process. It was an intriguing session where she dealt in depth with each aspect and also presented the information in an organized flow of topics ranging from the origin of Judiciary to the current scenario. She even used case studies from her own experience to help students understand how the Judiciary functions at different levels. She made it a point to make the session interactive and engaged the young audience. Overall it was an extremely informative and fulfilling session.