Pre-primary children celebrated 75th Independence Day in an interesting way. Sr. KG children were taken on a virtual tour of India through a story. They were introduced to our national symbols in comparison with the symbols of other countries. Children drew the national flag and were excited to express how they would serve the country when they become their favourite cartoon character. Our great freedom fighters were remembered as children came prepared with famous slogans and the class ended with the national anthem. Jr. KG students were not far behind. They looked dapper, dressed in tricolour clothes. They sang patriotic songs in different languages individually and had fun doing the tricolour activity using their fingers. The little ones of Nursery came dressed up in nothing less than festive spirits, singing a few lines of patriotic songs and having fun decorating our national flag with crepe papers. They were excited to see the tricolour flag unfurl and kiss the breeze. They happily joined their friends and teacher to sing the national anthem.