Entry point – A good start!
Monday, the 10th of October witnessed exuberance in the corridors if Pre- primary as the children of Jr. KG and Sr. KG had a splendid entry point for the unit of learning ‘GOING PLACES’. With a different set up, the teachers of Jr.KG took the children on an imaginary ride, flying on a magic carpet with the magic words – ‘ZOOM….Whoosh….’ It was an awesome presentation by the
teachers igniting the curiosity of the learners all through the entry point. Sr. KG’s entry point was beyond expectations. It was a cherishing moment to see parents make an effort to introduce the unit of learning. Parents belonging to different states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan presented their heritage and culture. From special dishes, attires, antiques, presentations, dance and singing performances of their states, parents have left not only the children but also the teachers in admiration. Indeed what better way it could have been for children to welcome the term with such an exciting Entry Point.