Together and Alone!

February 17, 2024

Imagine a lively and energetic classroom bustling with vibrant personalities, where every student brings their unique charm. Each classmate contributes to the dynamic atmosphere, making it an exciting place to learn and grow.

Yes, that’s my classroom at the top school in Hyderabad! It can be likened to a place full of youthful energy or a bustling market where ideas are exchanged freely.

In my classroom, you’ll find a diverse mix of colourful personalities, each with their own beauty. When their individual strengths combine, it creates a rich tapestry of knowledge and understanding, rather than a confusing blend.

As an artist myself let me illustrate through colour comparison – You can always see the Reds and Oranges sticking together and up to something! The fun and pretty Pinks and Purples, the cool and calm Blues and Greys, the determined Greens and Yellows and the solitary Black and Whites.

Artistically, imagine putting these many different colours on a singular canvas.

Some hues might look good together, but some simply don’t mix as well. They’re bound to contrast. Some colours stand out and some disappear and get hidden in the shadows of the painting.

But regardless of whether the colors are light or dark, bright or pastel, they are all required to make up the tapestry that is my class at the top school in Hyderabad.

And that’s a challenge; that requires work. Personally, finding my harmony with so many varied people is a huge but necessary task.

Our differences apart we all study and learn. We go from Hitler’s atrocities to algebra to old poetry to the components of a cell all in the span of a couple of hours. Day after day as we sail through these lessons we build ourselves around the core Suchitran values and fiercely compete for getting our grades.

And in all this there remains in each of us a developing focus as we visualise our life ahead of us – so many choices and paths lie ahead.

It can be difficult to find a place in such an overwhelming environment among so many of us who form a collage of individuals.
It can be challenging to feel like you belong.
But the shoe eventually fits everyone.
And how I find my space?

By being non-judgemental, by letting my friends be kind to me and allowing myself to be welcomed into the classroom no matter what it may seem to be like.

In hind-sight I feel that being a part of my classroom is a truly warm feeling where some of our strongest bonds are formed and lifelong friends are made. My classroom is a vital element in my personality development where I discover who I am and strive to become my best self.

Even within a classroom that can make you feel overwhelmed we must remember that we can belong without simply fitting in.

There will always be a place for you.

“The story ends up being a journey of self-discovery.”–Elijah Wood