Global Citizenry

March 8, 2024

7th of October, 2023 will remain etched in my memory forever more!

It was the day a group of 15 of us from School led by 2 of our mentor-teachers embarked on an unforgettable journey – the Reciprocal International Student Exchange program to Poland. We were excited, nervous and filled with positive energy.

As a school ambassador on this journey, I’ve experienced firsthand how our international programs at Suchitra Academy are more than just academic opportunities; they’re transformative journeys that shape us into global citizens. Guided by our Founder-Director Mr. Praveen Raju, Principal Ms. Deepa Kapoor and Trisha Chakraborty, our Director of Academics, the school’s emphasis on Project-Based Learning (PBL) sets it apart, focusing on conceptual understanding and the practical application of knowledge to real-world issues. Through orientations, workshops, and a culture of innovation, students are encouraged to develop resilience and become lifelong learners and leaders. Recognized with the Great Indian Learning Awards 2023, my school promotes an educational philosophy centered on engagement and a passion for learning, resulting in the successful completion of projects that prepare students for global citizenship. Committed to fostering excellence both locally and globally, the school instills values of respect, integrity, self-discipline, and excellence in its students. Through initiatives like the Reciprocal International Student Exchange, students undergo transformative experiences, gaining valuable insights into different cultures, fostering global collaboration, and taking their first steps towards global citizenship.

Suchitra Academy’s commitment to excellence and global engagement empowers us to thrive in an ever-changing world, and as a student, I’ve taken my first steps towards becoming a global citizen. Through this transformative experience I’ve broadened my horizons, helped me to nurture cultural appreciation, and equip me for an increasingly interconnected world as also embrace diversity, and learn the true meaning of respect, integrity, self-discipline and excellence which are the core values of my school. This journey exemplifies our school’s ethos of shaping individuals who contribute meaningfully to a connected world, and I’m proud to say I’ve embraced the principles of global citizenship.

By immersing us students in diverse environments through study abroad ventures, exchange programs, and collaborative initiatives, our experiences go beyond textbooks, instilling open-mindedness, adaptability, and a profound respect for cultural nuances. In a world where global collaboration is the norm, the international programmes not only impart academic and professional skills essential for success but also cultivate a sense of global citizenship. International programs thus play a transformative role in shaping students into forward-thinking, culturally aware individuals ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of our ever-evolving global landscape.

Through our school’s dynamic international programs, we as students elevate our learning experience, fostering a unique environment that goes far beyond the classroom. Our School cultivates us to become global citizens—individuals who possess the skills, cultural sensitivity, and empathy required to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

The Reciprocal International Student Exchange programe for me symbolized the beauty of collaboration and creativity, reminding us of the value of embracing diversity and individuality. This experience reinforced my idea that cultural exchange goes beyond mere knowledge—it’s about celebrating uniqueness, respecting traditions, and finding unity in diversity.  And I can proudly say, ‘I HAVE TAKEN MY FIRST STEP TOWARDS BEING A GLOBAL CITIZEN!!’

The motto of the International programs is ‘Engage locally and excel globally’.

I am a proud Suchitran waiting to play my role to perfection in this global village!