Blazing New Trails – Inculcating Leadership Skills in Students

May 20, 2024
Blazing New Trails

“As we look forward to the future, leaders will be those who empower others”- Bill Gates.

Inculcating leadership skills in students is a crucial aspect of schoolhood, as it shapes students for their future. Acquiring proper leadership skills allows a student to feel a sense of responsibility and initiative, while simultaneously building one’s confidence. It prepares the students for future challenges, as well as contributes to their personal growth. By creating a well-rounded leadership program, schools can provide the students an opportunity to develop their skills, and subsequently take on various leadership roles, while also building a strong sense of responsibility and confidence. This is precisely what Suchitra Academy is doing. By adopting various strategies to strengthen leadership skills in students through holistic education and development, we as students can experience the positive effects of this, such as developing effective communication skills, decision-making, and problem-solving while also enhancing self-confidence and efficiency. It nurtures individual growth, and contributes towards the growth of the school community as a whole.

One of the programs that Suchitra Academy has specifically implemented is creating a student council, and assigning leadership positions to a selected few. These students are given responsibilities, and are made to essentially lead a path for others, and head various events within the school. This student council stands as a role model and representative for the rest of the school, taking in account other’s opinions while holding strong to their own. They provide a goal for the juniors within the school as well, and are people to look up to, and people that juniors aspire to be like in the future.

Another important way that Suchitra Academy encourages holistic development is through the encouragement of extracurricular activities, which include, but are not limited to sports, arts, music, various competitions, literary interschool contests, and Model United Nations (MUNs). As a school, they provide ample out-of-school opportunities for a student to discover and excel in various areas of expertise in which they can showcase their abilities and naturally showcase their leadership skills. I personally have participated in several of these events, including CBSE Clusters for volleyball, MUNs, etc.

The last example I would like to highlight are the various leadership programs and team building activities that Suchitra Academy presents. These programs promote collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills, as well as cover topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, time management, and goal setting.

In a nutshell, Suchitra Academy provides various inclusive leadership opportunities for all their students by adopting a multifaceted approach, inculcating these leadership opportunities into a child’s everyday life, thus providing multiple opportunities for their personal growth and development. The school empowers every student with leadership skills, and inculcates a sense of responsibility and initiative, and I believe that these have helped me grow both academically as well as non-academically.