Being a SUCHITRAN Parent

March 1, 2024


I am Ms. Shweta Agarwal. My daughter Kashvi is a student of Suchitra Academy, one of the Top Schools in Hyderabad.

As parents we have had a long association with this institution. And I must say that as parents we are deeply satisfied with the Founder-Director Mr. Praveen Raju and the Management’s comprehensive approach at Suchitra Academy. Be it the Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodology for which the school won the Great Indian Learning Awards 2023 or then the on-going reciprocal international student exchange programme the school adheres to the core of practicing a transformative methodology. And as parents we are an active participant by way of innumerable workshops and orientation programmes where we are informed about the progress of our child.

The School’s commitment to providing a well-rounded academic experience, including initiatives like the International student exchange program, has profoundly influenced my child Kashvi’s academic and personal development. This program, in particular, has broadened my child’s perspective by exposing her to different cultures and academic environments, preparing her for the dynamic world ahead. We parents commend the school for it’s interactive learning environment and efficient curriculum, ensuring that all student needs are met effectively.

The student-teacher relationships foster an engaging and motivating atmosphere, encouraging students to excel in their studies and personal growth. Moreover, the school’s emphasis on core values instills in students the importance of responsibility and integrity as they navigate their future endeavors. The hospitable infrastructure and facilities, including the impressive amphitheater, multi-purpose hall, and music room, have provided my child with enriching experiences beyond the classroom. These spaces serve as more than just places for leisure; they are environments where our children learn valuable life lessons and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. Suchitra Academy’s focus on physical fitness, recognizing the importance of an active lifestyle for overall well-being.

As a parent, I had concerns about my child’s education and emotional development, but choosing Suchitra Academy has proven to be an excellent decision. I am confident that the education and values instilled at the school will empower my child to thrive as a lifelong learner and responsible individual.