A Journey of Growth and Learning

March 29, 2024

Reflecting on my journey at Suchitra Academy International School takes me back to March 2020, a time filled with anticipation and a sense of purpose. As I stepped into the school premises, I carried with me a dream of becoming a teacher, albeit with a vague understanding of what that truly meant. Little did I know that Suchitra Academy, one of the top schools in Hyderabad, would provide me with the platform to grow and redefine my perspective on education.

Discovering Project Based Learning:

One of the pivotal moments in my journey was encountering Project Based Learning (PBL) within the school’s curriculum. This transformative methodology required mentor-training towards conceptual understanding of how to deliver the curriculum in a very different way that brought forth engagement and led to problem-solving skills. The prospect of taking on challenges excited me, despite the multitude of questions that loomed in my mind. Under the guidance of Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, a group of us embarked on a transformative journey, navigating through uncertainties and pushing our boundaries to emerge stronger than ever.

Embracing Resilience and Adaptability:

The onset of the pandemic in March 2020 brought forth a new set of challenges as schools transitioned to virtual platforms. As a new teacher, this shift initially instilled apprehension. How could we foster collaboration, curiosity, and creativity in a digital space? How could we effectively engage our students and execute projects with limited interaction? However, with the unwavering support of my colleagues, we embraced resilience and adaptability. Through continuous learning and unlearning, we not only navigated the digital landscape but also facilitated impactful projects, nurturing the motivation of our students.

Reimagining the Role of a Teacher:

Through my journey with Project Based Learning, I came to realize the true essence of being a teacher. We are more than just instructors; we are facilitators who empower students to recognize their potential and take ownership of their learning journey and ultimately maneuver themselves through real-life problems and challenges. The symbiotic relationship between facilitator and learner fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. Embracing reflection as a practice, I strive to instill the same introspective mindset in my students.

Embracing Chaos as a Catalyst for Learning:

In the midst of a seemingly chaotic classroom, I’ve learned that profound learning can flourish. When students are actively engaged in hands-on exploration and critical thinking, chaos becomes a conduit for growth. Witnessing my students evolve into keen observers and analytical thinkers fills me with immense pride. Together, as a team of educators, we celebrate the transformation of our students into creators of knowledge.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead:

As I embark on my fifth year at Suchitra Academy, I am filled with gratitude for the enriching experiences and invaluable mentorship I’ve received. Working alongside remarkable individuals has taught me the power of collaboration and the importance of patience, empathy, and lifelong learning. From being a member of a team to leading one, each moment has been a testament to the transformative power of education.

The road so far:

My journey at Suchitra Academy International School has been characterized by growth, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As I reflect on the past and anticipate the future, I am reminded of the profound impact education has on shaping individuals and communities. With each passing day, I am committed to fostering an environment where students can thrive, innovate, and embrace the endless possibilities of learning.
Miles to go and milestones to set,
With strength within to surge ahead!